laura schmitz

CEO at Ipe Consulting


Laura Schmitz is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. She moved to the United States by herself at sixteen years old hoping for better education and to get out of her comfort zone. Laura graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Advertising and a minor in Graphic Design. After college, she received a one year work visa, and took advantage of the tight timeline to prove herself in the business world. Mrs. Schmitz is one of the youngest managers in our organization, and more than that, she is unstoppable! 

Laura's ambition is unbelievable. She got married to her high school sweetheart Ben, and opened her business the very next week. That being said, it's safe to say she will not take her foot off the gas. She will be helping open two new locations in 2019, while continually driving results for our clients. Laura will also be taking her parents as well as her in-laws to the beautiful Amazon Forest by 2022, purchasing two beach-front properties by 2030, and opening an organization to rescue sea turtles by 2035. 

Laura's employees love being around her motivating, and caring self. She is continually putting effort into every single person to make sure they are growing personally and professionally. In her opinion, somebody shouldn't need crazy amounts of experience to start in the business. All it takes is a great student mentality, ambition and a no-excuse kind of work ethic. 



Rob Osborne was born and raised in Trenton, OH.  Hard work was instilled in Rob from the time his feet hit the ground. He considers himself to be extremely blessed to have been raised by such hard working and family oriented parents. Rob's older brother has been a huge part of his life, from teaching him about sports to teaching him all about the ins and out of business. Rob wouldn't be where he is today without him. Rob attended Edgewood high school where he played football and basketball and developed his competitive, can't lose mentality. 

Rob's hobbies are sports, spending time with friends and family, music, traveling, and going to the lake. Rob is a die hard U.K. fan. Coach Cal is the man! GO CATS. Also got a shoutout to his ride or die, his dog Bronco.

Rob's goals are to open the branch office by 2019 and to get married and start a family with with his beautiful girlfriend by 2020. Rob is super excited to start this new chapter at Ipe Consulting and see what the future holds.




Even tough Kate is naturally good at Marketing and Sales, she came from a very different background. Kate studied Theatre, Dance, and Biology at Ohio Wesleyan University and taught ballroom dancing for ten years before finding us at Ipe Consulting. Her favorite part about the company is all the great relationships she has formed. Kate is looking forward to moving into a management position in the next year, and watching the company grow. 

For now, Kate is enjoying her life as a newly wed. She has been working on remodeling a 120 year old house with her husband Danny, and her fur baby Pavlov. Kate is hoping to finish remodeling in the next year, just in time to start a family!

Besides dancing, Kate also loves traveling and learning more about the world. She has been to France, England, Costa Rica, as well as Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands, where she found her passion for animals. Kate was a zoo keeper for two years, and hopes to retire on a farm where she will open a wildlife sanctuary. 




No stranger to hard work, Tyler is currently attending Indiana University while working full-time. Following his father's footsteps, Tyler started his career in sales at a call center. Tired of sitting in a cubicle, he found us at Ipe Consulting, where he can still practice his sales skills, while building relationships with customers on a face-to-face level. His favorite part about the company is the combination between a fun environment and a great growth opportunity. 

Originally from the small town of Liberty, Indiana, Tyler is a family-oriented person. He has a special bond with his two brothers Trey and Joey. His favorite things to do are traveling and attending concerts, even better when the two are combined! 

Tyler's goal is to get promoted to Assistant Management by the end of the year, and open his office in Indianapolis, IN.

cal frank


Originally from Burnswick, Georgia, our top corporate trainer Cal grew up playing soccer, lacrosse and football. After graduating from Georgia Southern University, he decided to follow his passion and coach college soccer. His coaching experience allowed him to travel to 25 states and 8 countries including Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Netherlands, Hungary, France, and Spain.

However, Cal soon realized that coaching was just a hobby and decided to further his career. That’s when he found us at Ipe Consulting, and since then was able to gain hands-on experience in business, while still coaching soccer on the weekends.

Cal’s goals are to open our expansion office in Charleston, SC by 2020, found a low-income soccer club in his hometown by 2022, as well as travel to 15 countries, and all 50 states by 2025.




jeff caravantes


Despite being a Cincinnatian by heart, our former lawyer Jeff, loves traveling. During high school, his family moved to Arkansas, then Georgia, where he got the chance to explore the Southern lifestyle. To this day he travels frequently to North Carolina, and Florida to get his sunshine fix!

Coming from a musical background, Jeff has a no-quitting mentality. He started playing viola at ten years old, and while in college decided to pursue two degrees: law enforcement and paralegal studies. After working in law for five years, Jeff decided it would be beneficial for his career to gain experience in marketing as well, and that’s when he found IpeConsulting.

Jeff’s goals are to get promoted to management by April 2019, found his own SAAS business by 2022, as well as own a private jet by 2030.